SUMMER: Changing Pace!

Nehemiah’s last day of school was June 6. Of course, the week leading up to the last day was Spirit week where I gave him 2 haircuts (including a huge mohawk), he had 2 costumes, awards night/graduation, and a field trip to Chuck E Cheese for his end of school party. Spirit week is designed to make parents happy that school is out through utter exhaustion while we marvel at these creatures of wonder and mystery: teachers.

This is the first year since he has been at Veritas that I have been able to attend the awards night/potluck/graduation. The past two years I was too fatigued to endure that many people in the evening after spirit week. This year we stayed through most of the 4-8th grade awards and graduation. It was very important to Nehemiah to see his 8th grade friends graduate. The little kids get assigned to a middle school kid to do devotions with them and the older kids serve the younger by helping with recess. So, Nehemiah actually knows the big kids and most have made a big impression with him. This is something I love about Veritas- the older kids pouring into the little kids.


Nehemiah’s 1st grade class and teacher.



After school was out, I was able to write and finish my grant with him home with me provided he gets out for a few hours a day. Now that summer is here, I am taking lots of time off and working from home and we are going through a list of things we wanted to do, but with me working full-time and him at school haven’t been able to do yet. We hosted a play date with a friend from school, visited a park in Boston that we drive by on the esplanade, and are trying to visit every MA Audubon site around us. We are members and can visit for free. At some point I realized that I would rather visit various MA Audubon places instead of Boston’s array of museums geared towards kids as I enjoy it so much more and I haven’t encountered any screaming temper tantrums yet at Audubon locations.

Nehemiah is at a really fun age where he is becoming more independent and helping out around the house, but still is very into imaginative play and still has plenty of “whacky”. Several times a day I bust out laughing at something he says! He is a very fun hiking buddy and is game for anything that involves leaving the house. 🙂




Under the Longfellow Bridge, which is under major renovation. Some day all of the bridges over the Charles may be open at the same time… some day…..



This is possibly the coolest playground in Boston- under the Authur Fielder Bridge.

IMG_0080 IMG_0093

Habitat in Belmont, MA- it has a few miles of hiking trails behind an English style home and garden.



2 thoughts on “SUMMER: Changing Pace!

  1. We love Mount Auburn Cemetery – one of our favorite places to walk to after Don’s checkups. Fabulous view of Boston area. Miles of roads, trails & paths. Lots of labeled trees. A logbook for recording wildlife sightings.

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