Grant submitted!!! with 75 minutes to spare…

This past week as been a bit of an adventure heading towards the approaching deadline. The NIH has hard deadlines. If I missed this one, I couldn’t reapply until October or so and all the dates on everything would have to change. The bulk of my part was done about a week ago and then I had to various phase of hurry-up-and-wait as people go through it… and Nehemiah is out of school so he is tagging along for the hurry-up-and-wait. He’s been very patient as long as we get out of the house for hiking or visiting a park at least once a day.  There are two components- the 12 pages of science and then the 75 other pages of letters, biosketches, and other administrative pages- and routing it through 10 people at MGH and Partners. I submitted the rough draft 10 business days before then a few days ago Partners research management came back with 30 little things that needed to be changed in the 75 other pages and my boss did her final edits on the science end.

Besides the 11 letters in the grant, which I had to get creative in photoshop to make them fit the page limitation, I needed 3 external letters that the referees submit themselves into NIH. I requested 4, 1 declined a few days before the deadline. My two PhD references had their letters in earlier this week and the one MD submitted his last night at midnight. I have come to realize that MD’s and PhD’s have very different definitions of “last minute”. ha ha.

I submitted it to final route 24 hrs before it was due and then at noon today the woman at Partners tells me the NIH rejected it because it was on the wrong form and that form has expired. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… fortunately, I did not vomit. I found the updated form (99% the same exact thing) and started copying the old form to the new form, but my computer kept crashing with them both versions open- the PDF is a form where upload other PDF’s and my computer doesn’t like one open nevermind two open. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH So I had to print it out.. but I have no printer at home… so Nehemiah and I raced to the church to print it out (usually I go to Staples for non-church issues, but time was an issue here). Fortunately, our departments admin person had me covered and filled out the new form and re-uploaded all my stuff into it much quicker than I could.

Then…. the person at Partners submitted it but there was an error. They told me to go into my NIH account, but my password wasn’t working…finally after 15 min of fixing my password I got in and realized I didn’t need to actually get in the account myself. Then I thought they were saying I needed to re-submit the corrected grant myself so I was trying to figure that out for another 15 min…. but turns out I didn’t have to. Anyways.. .despite ALL OF THAT.. it was submitted with a whole 75 minutes to spare…

Looks like I will have plenty of new fodder for future anxiety dreams…


One thought on “Grant submitted!!! with 75 minutes to spare…

  1. This might end up among MY anxiety dreams! Tense!! …somehow not having your sheep fit in time for the show isn’t nearly as anxiety producing. 🙂

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