MollyN’Will- I love weddings!

My cousin Molly married Will this past Monday. It was a sweet and fun time located at the beautiful Elm Bank estate. I was reflecting on that not only am I blessed with a great immediate family, but I have an excellent extended family too. Watching Molly come down the aisle with her mother and father, memories of when she was 2 and I was a little kid (8 maybe??) and hiking with the three of them. Time has passed, but in a sense, it hasn’t. That is what is special about family friends may come and go through various life phases, but family is family and provides continuity and it’s fun to look alike generation after generation. So, last night we danced the night away (especially Nehemiah who put on a few dance solos), with the people who have known me my whole life: my immediate family mom and dad, Tim and Leah (though it seems like I can’t remember “pre-Leah”), my very special Aunt Deborah, Molly, my array of uncles: Lenny, Ron, Marty, Kevin, and Gordon, my Dad’s cousin Bev & Don. Of course, family members can choose to not be a part of each other’s lives, but I guess through all our stages, we are the ones who have chosen to stick together, keep tabs, take care of each other during illness and tragedy, and celebrate the joyful times together.

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